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How Do I Place an Order with your company?

The process of placing an order is easy. You just have to click this link. The link will direct you to the order placement page. We may ask you to fill out some fields where you should put your personal information. These are all necessary for you to be able to place an order.

How Can I Upload Files Needed by the Writer?

Customers have to take note that they can only upload files into the system after placing an order. The company boasts of its interactive features that let the writer and the customer communicate and upload files that may be downloaded by one another. Customers may transfer files via emailing it to support and placing the necessary remarks, uploading it via the live chat system and uploading it on the additional files section.

What if I can't Provide the Reference needed to write the paper, can you, guys, make the research for me?

Our writers have full access to online accounts, libraries, and journal databases. This enables them to gather the necessary resources and references should the client be unable to provide them. However, we highly encourage the clients not to neglect uploading the resources that they want to be used since it would really be better for the paper.

How can I monitor the progress of my order?

The client can always send a message to our support team via email, the message system, or the live chat system. The client may also opt to contact the writer in charge of the paper as he is the one who truly knows how your order is progressing. If you think you do not need to contact the writer or the support team, you might as well view the current status of your paper by simply checking for its status in the information section of your order. In urgent cases, you may call or send a text message to support about your concern.

Can I request a draft from my writer?

You can always ask for a draft from the writer assigned to your case. However, you first have to inform the support team that you will need a draft of the paper. You may also have to specify how soon you want to receive a draft so that everything will be visible and known by the writer assigned to your case. You can always do this by contact the support team or the writer through any of the available contact options.

How long will it take to write my essay?

We take deadlines very seriously. We always make sure that our goals when it comes to deadlines are realistic and most importantly, honest. To make things simpler, we have decided to base the deadline on your instructions. You may choose to lengthen the deadline or shorten it. However, please take note that one of the factors that will determine how much you will be charged for your order is the urgency of the case. The more urgent, the higher the fee will be and vice versa. The time it will take for you to receive your paper may also depend on the date you placed an order. So, to make things faster, make sure that you have already placed your order.

How will I get my paper?

Our customers are given access to their personal profile in our website. They can easily view everything that has something to do with their orders in their profile. This is also where they could download the uploaded files and the finished product. In case you cannot access your personal profile from our website, you could always contact support and tell them to send to you your finished paper via email.

Our Writers

What are the Qualifications of your Writers?

We always make sure that our pool of writers is competent. And yes, we do have a lot of writers in our team and each group of writers we have specialize on a particular field. Most of our writers are university instructors and professors who have the talent in writing and in explaining what they understand about something. Our writers are also trained how to properly research and use other people's work as a reference. The quality of work and the performance of our writers are closely monitored by our Quality Assurance Department so our customers could always be assured that their papers are of high quality.

How can I be sure that you have a specialized writer to work on my order?

We currently have more than eight hundred writers who are all dedicated in what they do and are committed to provide the best services to our clients. We also have a team of editors and researchers. Our writers hold a minimum of master's degree in different fields such as business, health, economics, medicine, biology, sociology, management, anthropology and other fields you could think about. Our writers enjoy the freedom to choose the type of work where they specialize at. Our quality assurance department also ensures that a specialized writer is the one assigned to your case.

How can I communicate with my writer to make sure he understands my instructions well?

We highly encourage our clients to communicate with the writer assigned to their case or the support team. This way, we can make sure that each sides know what to do with what and when to finish it. In case you want to make sure if the writer fully understands your instructions, you can always send him a message via the message system. The sooner the better; this is one of the best features we offer to our customers. It basically enables the writers and the client to communicate and clear things out.

Our Services

What are your services and pricing policy?

We are a company that offers a wide range of custom writing services. These services include editing, proofreading, formatting, customer writing, technical writing, academic writing, and content writing for a wide range of clients. Some of our customers are university students taking up their bachelor's, master's or doctor's degree. The price that you have to pay will depend on the academic level required for your paper and the urgency of the case. You may receive your paper within 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, 4, days, 5 days, 7 days, or 10 days depending on how much your budget is and the real deadline of your paper. You can chose from three quality levels all in all. Of course, the higher the quality level and the more urgent a case is, the more you will have to pay and vice versa.

Can you help me with my essay, term paper or dissertation?

Of course we can. It is and it will always be a pleasure for us to serve our customers and help them with their projects. Our company has the resources, the talents and the skills to craft the best essays, term papers and dissertation papers you could ever dream of. Our writers are very capable and they are always ready to help you finish your paper on or within the deadline.

Confidentiality, Security and Guarantees

Will I get my paper on time?

We always ensure that your paper will never be delivered late. We always treat our customers' time with utmost importance. So yes, you will definitely get your paper on time. However, there may come a time where the writer assigned to your case may ask several information. It is your obligation to provide that information to your writer or the delivery time of your paper may get compromised.

Can you assure me that my paper is plagiarism free?

Our company uses one of the most sophisticated, advanced and updated plagiarism checking software in the market. With this software, we can track a paper and check if it has even the smallest signs of plagiarism. If we could see and verify that a paper has signs of plagiarism, we immediately send it back to the writer so that he can revise it until it becomes 100% original.

Do you offer guarantee for your service?

We always take the time and we do efforts to know how to please our clients. Our staff and services are geared towards maximum customer satisfaction and so far, we are doing well. All of our writers are educated. Some of them are even doctors who have a lot of experience in the particular field they are in. This is the way how we can guarantee the quality of our papers and the level of satisfaction that our customers can achieve.

What if I am not happy with the paper?

If you are not happy with how your paper turned out, you can always request for a revision. However, there are certain rules that apply to revisions. Firstly, the revision instructions should not be different in any way from the initial instructions. Secondly, the request for revisions should be submitted to the support team within two weeks since the paper has been delivered. For more information, you may want to check the disclaimer section of the website.

Can I be confident in confidentiality and privacy of your services?

Your privacy and online safety are both important to us. Customers should be aware that we are simply doing this to prevent and avoid fraudulent acts in our website. We only use the information that we gather for verification purposes and they are discarded right after the verification process is finished. Our websites are also encrypted so our customers could be sure that their privacy will never be compromised.

How secure is the transaction process? Do you store credit card data?

We never store credit card data. As soon as the whole verification process is finished, we discard all our collected data. Our website pages, especially the transaction pages are all encrypted and they are all secured.

General Questions

Can I get a discount?

Yes, depending on the type of paper you need and the urgency, you may receive a discount. Please note however that some discounts only apply to new members. If you want to know more about this feature, don't hesitate to go to our discounts page or contact a support agent immediately.

What are the advantages of your writing service?

First of all, we are a custom writing service company committed to provide high quality writing service to our customers. Customer service is one of the most important virtues in our company. Our writers could be considered the best in terms of quality and reliability. They are always there to help the customers with whatever they need and in addition to that, they are all professionals and experts in their fields.

What are your differences from other writing companies?

First of all, we are driven by excellence and customer service. We do not do something unless we are sure that it will contribute to our main goal which is to satisfy our customers. The same goes for our writers. Unlike other writing companies, we are always realistic and reasonable when it comes to dealing with our customers and setting goals for them. We value customer satisfaction above anything else and we love what we do.

What is your refund Policy?

Our quality assurance department is the one that decides whether a client will receive a refund, whether in half or in full. This may vary depending on the current scenario. There are a lot of things that they consider because everything is a case to case basis. If you want to know more about this topic, might as well check the disclaimer page. But you have to know one thing. We always value our business and our customers. We are, by nature, reasonable, and considerate.

What if I need a large order with lot of pages in a short period of time? Why is this option disabled?

Our writers and staff are all dedicated to give their best for the sake of the client's satisfaction. However, the reality is that they need enough time and resources to finish doing unusually big projects. This is why we do not usually accept orders that have many page requirements under a very tight deadline. We are trying to be pleasing to our clients but we cannot neglect the fact that in this business, we have to be realistic and honest. What you could do if you really need that work volume is to place a different order for each dissertation or thesis chapter and then we will assign them to different writers. If you have other concerns, you can always have a conversation with our support team.

Are you a US registered Company?

We are officially registered in the United States. We are paying taxes to the government and we are following all the standards set by other larger organizations.