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Most great people have attained their greatest success one step beyond their greatest failure


It is better to make an effort and try to correct your mistakes with the help of professionals. When energy is expended on the main task, it can be difficult to force yourself to overdo it again.


Essay Review

The Great Essay Writing Process

Many students find writing an essay an awkward and painful task. That’s because they’re still not sure how to approach essay writing. If you get it right, you’ll find that writing essays doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, it can be a very fun and fulfilling process.

Essay writing is often referred to as art and with good reason. It can take years of practice to perfect the craft. Most of the time, students are really good at writing essays when they reach the end of their school careers. Here is a basic guide to writing essays.

1. Read and understand the essay topic / question

This is the most important part of the writing process. Once you have a good understanding of what the essay question asks, you can analyze what supporting research you will need. There is no need to formulate your entire argument, however, keep this for later in your essay sample. For now, you need to understand exactly what the question is asking you. Highlight key terms and brainstorm some possible angles.

2. Explore the topic

Go to the library, the internet, read some books, look at your notes. Activate the specific question and read information about it.

3. Write a sketch

As elementary as it may seem at times, sketches are the scaffolding for every successful writing. It should not be a formal outline, but simply outline the order of your essay by some method you understand.

4. Write a thesis statement

The thesis statement is the foundation of your essay. Write that one sentence that argues the point, the debate, and the core of your essay. It will be the final sentence of your introduction and the starting point for the rest of the writing.

5. Write the paper

Just write. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece when you’re writing that first sketch. Just get something on paper that you can eventually mold into a final product.

6. Edit the paper for content

Edit the paper to make sure you stay on target following your thesis, and have enough supporting evidence to prove your thesis.

7. Edit the paper for grammar

Quickly look at your essay only on grammar problems (spelling, punctuation, transitions, etc.).

The easiest part and certainly the most enjoyable. Browsing through your essay with your own red pen and editing it relentlessly will ensure that you have a perfect essay to deliver when the deadline comes.

Essay Review

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Essay Review

Great Part-time Business Ideas For Students

Hey students, here are some great part-time small business ideas to earn you extra money. You no longer have to be penniless or bother mom and dad every time you need money.

It is a reality that students are known for being cash-strapped most of the time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little wise thinking, a little hard work and determination, part-time business can be a solution. Here are some opportunities I would recommend to the student. These businesses can be started with little or no capital and require little or no training. They almost certainly produce extra income and can be sold after the student graduates and begins full-time work.

Type Service

Provide typing service to other students. Offer to type their assignments, abstracts, thesis etc.

Automatic Detail

If you have a taste for graphics and design and you love cars, then you might consider offering a detailed service to vehicle owners. In addition to putting on amazing graphics, you could also detail company vehicles and trucks by putting up logos, signs or advertisements.

Automatic Protection / Car Sound Installation

If you are proficient in electronics and sound, you can consider this a very lucrative opportunity. You can get alarm units or sound equipment directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler and put a small remark on it if you like, but your best income would be from the actual installation.


If you are really good at a certain subject, you can teach school children in your area. You could either do that at their home or yours. You will pay an hourly rate.

Babysitter / Nanny / Elderly Care

Babysitting is an old part-time opportunity although it is still very popular and highly demanded by parents who need some time. This is suitable for females.

A housekeeper is someone who will live and take care of a house while the owners are away. This would be suitable for the guys because girls may be afraid to live alone in a house.

Care for the Elderly

This involves doing some household chores, taking food, taking the elderly for medical checks, and so on. You need to be a caring, patient person with a lot of compassion for this opportunity.

Garden service

This can be a great and lucrative opportunity if two or more students come together. You would probably need a picker for this and some basic garden equipment. Maybe you could borrow Dad’s for a while – with his permission, of course.

Pool Service

Similar to the above, except you will concentrate on taking care of a pool.

Handyman Servo

Here you will do strange jobs for housewives who are too lazy to do it themselves. Things like fixing the door, leaking taps, changing door, painting and so on.

Disc jockey

If you have an enthusiasm for music, have an excellent album collection of music, and possess mixing skills, then you might consider providing a mobile disco service for parties, birthdays, school functions, and so on.

Journal Recycling

Collect old newspapers from your neighborhood and sell them to a newspaper recycling factory. You can expand this business by making old aluminum soda / beer cans as well.

Leaflet Distribution

You could do a flyer distribution service for businesses in your area. You could hire part-time children to help you with the actual distribution.

Garage Sale Organizer

You can organize and operate garage sales on behalf of homeowners who are too busy or lazy to do it themselves. The sale will be made on site and you take a percentage of all sales successfully completed. You also pay an arrangement fee.


If you are good with a camera, then this opportunity might be for you. Take pictures of people and children in places like malls, resorts, little league games, and so on.

Pulmonary market

If you have something to sell that is truly unique as a creation of your own, then you could be extremely successful if you set up a booth at a trail in your area.

Delivery Service

Many businesses, especially pharmacies and fast food outlets, contract their deliveries. Visit a few and offer your services to them.

Study Guides / Textbook Rental

If you have old study guides or textbooks you have finished, you can rent them to students who can’t afford to buy them.

Sign Writing Service

If you are great with graphics, then you could offer to make all sorts of signs for businesses. This includes work on glass stores.

These are just a few lucrative ideas that I think you might want to consider. Take a look at the list, decide what you like, plan and get started. Good luck.

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The 5 C’s of Argumentative Essay Writing: How to Create a Great Argument

To help my university writers understand the attitude needed to create a strong argumentative essay, I invented the “5 C” device, which emphasizes clarity, sincerity, confidence, control and understanding.

Clarity. Be straight and straight in your argument writing. Straightness results in clarity. Use your own language, clearly and accurately. Never use words that you do not know the exact meaning of. Always avoid tortured or overflowing sentences. Don’t waste time getting the thing straight. Don’t keep your audience in suspense; suspense is for mystery novels, not for argumentative essays.

Sincerity. Make it your mission be honest with your readers. Give readers something they can actually use in the real world: hard-earned advice, useful facts you’ve discovered, a careful description of problems, and workable solutions to those problems. Level with your readers important information that less courageous writers would rather not write about.

Confidence. Be both calm and firm about the correctness of your argument. Do not demand that readers agree with you; ironically, such an approach shows a lack of faith. Invitations readers agree with you and congratulate them for choosing your firm side. Acknowledge opposing views, but refute them immediately and decisively. Read classic writers who argue with calm faith whether or not you agree with them, like Machiavelli in The Prince, and steals their attitudes.

Control. A) Don’t get distracted or leave. Develop the power of exaggeration. A strong argument has more of an impact when discussed matter-of-fact than when screaming or shouting. Do not cite others excessively. Always keep the first word and the last word of each paragraph for yourself. B) Balance the structure of your essay. Each section of the essay must have a specific role. When it fulfills that role, move on. Avoid generally too long paragraphs; especially avoid too long first and last paragraphs. To prevent an overloaded start that only confuses readers, avoid explaining yourself in the first paragraph. Have your readers take an interest in the rest of your essay beyond the beginning. Let your first paragraph establish only your topic and your thesis, and go quickly to the middle paragraphs, where all your explanations should take place.

Understanding. Whatever your topic, actively show readers that you understand it well. Be both a helpful guide through complex matters and an informed judge when choices need to be made. Fully cover your territory and give readers information they won’t likely know. Sincere sharing of useful real-world knowledge is the fastest way to trust with your audience. Never forget the ultimate goal which is to contribute your wisdom freely and help your readers sincerely.